The Shinohara 75VI is a Six Color press with in-line aqueous coating. This press was installed at A&B Printing and Mailing in 2009 and combines high speed production with precision color control, exceeding industry standards for commercial printing. The 75VI can address a wider spectrum of colors, including fluorescents, as well as finishes that resist smudges, fingerprints and scratches.

Environmental concerns, and the increased demand for greener printing processes are the reason A&B Printing and Mailing purchased the 74Karat. With a low start-up waste level of ten sheets or less and the absence of plate making and film-developing chemistry, there are no hazardous residues to dispose of.The 74Karat is a four-color (29in) press combining high quality of waterless offset with an all-digital workflow. It is yet another tool A&B can use to address the concerns of today’s print customer.

The Halm JetPress is capable of producing up to 25,000 4-color envelopes per hour.